You don’t use a VPN just to hide. Even law abiding citizens must use a VPN. Here’s why:

When Researching

When you research your business opposition or rivals, you do not want them to know that you are snooping around. Whenever you visit a website, your IP address is tracked and logged. All, the owner has to do is use Google Analytics and your location comes up on the screen.

Tired of Google

If you hate Google tracking your every move, every search and do not want this then VPN is the way to go. Not everyone likes Google storing all your requests and then feeding you customized advertisements and more. The same goes for many other websites that track user behaviour on their website.

Voice Chat

In places where content surveillance is high, services like Skype can be hard to intercept but that does not mean it is not impossible. VoIP interceptions are possible to a decent hacker and with that your private communications or chats are public. The chances of interception increase if you are communicating with countries such as Eritrea, Cuba, Egypt, China or Saudi Arabia.

We suggest using equipment that is appropriate to your needs. If you’re working in an office environment, we heavily suggest investing in headsets for the office that come with encryption, and are tied into your network infrastructure to prevent people watching and listening in.

Region Locked Content

Ever tried watching something online only to find your region does not have access to it? That is where VPN comes handy as you spoof the servers into believing you are from a region where access is granted. Basically, if your country has copyright laws and this does not allow streaming services, then you need not settle for poor quality flash sites – just get a VPN and pick an IP belonging to a country where the service is available.

When You Download

Like Internet torrent sites? Simply wish to download a software but don’t fancy paying legal fees? You definitely need a VPN. All the above is illegal on pen and paper – if you wish to continue doing these activities without alerting local and international authorities then you really need a VPN.