We have the support of hundreds of organisations, businesses, not-for-profits, senators and politicians all over the world. Unfortunately, the amount of people/companies against us is far superior; either because they have a political or financial incentive to be on the opposing side, or because they are too naive to self-educate themselves on the dangers that these policies impose on the human race.

Please find below emails and letters we have received from websites, showing their support for the Trekker Reactor cause:

Richard Wilcox: InversionTableLife.com

The internet is a safehaven for those who run a business. I run my own blog for readers who want to see what it’s like to use an inversion table. I provide reviews to people; so they can make their own educated guesses on which product(s) to buy. The internet has allowed my website to boom, going from just a dozen visitors to hundreds. The privacy of my readers is of paramount importance. I want my readers to feel safe while browsing my website.

James Boyland: IMDb Profile

Protect our rights, protect our freedom – fight for our rights and fight for our freedom. We demand and deserve a non-trackable and private internet. I refuse to allow my children to grow up in a trackable environment.

While we appreciate moments of support, we heavily suggest also following these campaigns because they are VITAL and CRUCIAL to the success of the internet as a free, non-trackable, private resource for private use: