Getting the right kind of server is the first step. A major mistake many new web masters make is to settle for an underpowered low security server because their budget does not allow for it. Depending on the sensitivity of data your website deals with, you may have to pay higher for server space or for a better host.

The basics types of server space are shared, virtual private and dedicated servers. Newer versions include enterprise level servers, reseller accounts and cloud hosting. Shared hosting is only for those who plan on websites that do not deal with sensitive data so let’s discount that.

Virtual private servers are, as the name suggests, virtual servers residing on a single machine. Naturally, if this server was hacked then all the accounts or websites present on it would be exposed. Modern age VPS are better protected against this situation since a hacker can at best gain access to any of the VPS but not all, nevertheless the possibility exists. Dedicated servers are safer, secure and solely yours so the chances of getting hacked are much lower. However, due to the physical presence of a server, it is not entirely impossible.

Then we have cloud hosting, which involves the use of multiple servers spread across the globe in various data centres. Your information is not stored in a single location or server but distributed across many servers at once to ensure better loading speeds and greater protection. The advantages from a security stand point is that if any one of the servers is compromised, you do not lose all your information and the data the hackers receive is actually incomplete to make any sense of. Besides, backups exist for each server so your website or data never really goes down in a crisis.

The most secure method of hosting very sensitive data is to have your own space in a colocation centre with a team of dedicated and VPS, emulating cloud hosting on it. This provides exclusivity and along with the advantages of cloud hosting.

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