We all have heard the term firewalls, so what is it? Well a firewall can be any piece of software or even hardware that governs all services exposed to any kind of network. It restricts, allows and denies access on all ports based on protocols assigned by the master user.

Every server has numerous services running and some of these are public, private or internal. Public services are available to anyone on the internet and it is the method through which users access your website. Private services are only available to authorized accounts or based on location. Finally, internal services are only accessible from inside a server. With a firewall you basically maintain rigid differences between these service types ensuring internal and private services are never available publicly.

Why Is It Secure?

Firewalls are integral parts of any server configuration. They offer that added protection to your server without you doing much. With the right configuration, access to anything other than your website is restricted thus the vulnerability to attacks is greatly minimized.

Is It Hard to Implement?

No not at all. Many firewalls already come with decent settings but there are some that have a longer learning curve. Usually, setting up a firewall takes only a few minutes and this is required during the initial setup of your server or if you make any new changes to it.